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Thursday, January 11

Open Thread: Changing the Course

breaking news below the post

He must have had more than a bong hit before the speech last night, because he delivered it without cracking up laughing.

He sort of admitted to mistakes but it also seems he promised to make lots and lots more of them in the coming months.

They weren't supposed to start sending more troops to the war on Iraq until my birthday, but it seems that the surge has already begun. Not only that, it appears that more troops than expected are being sent to the war on Iraq. The number last night was 21,500. If you have loved ones in the service, don't expect to have them home anytime soon. Bush said that he expects the casualties to increase as well. Interestingly, Tony Blair is pulling 3,000 troops out of Iraq.

Contrary to the suggestions from the Iraq Study Group, the decider has no intention of using any diplomacy whatsoever in dealing with Iran and Syria whom bush accused of aiding and abetting the insurgency. In fact he threatened them. “I recently ordered the deployment of an additional carrier strike group to the region.” This comment was not missed by the talking heads after the speech.

The decider still takes no blame for all the terrorists presently in Iraq nor takes the blame for not escalating the troops when it would have done some good.

Many GOPers had come out to say that they do not support the "surge" but Lieberman thinks it's a great plan and supports the pretzeldent. I think I know why but it's too controversial for me to express my opinion to the fullest in writing. You'll just have to guess. Furthermore, I believe that it's a good thing that this traitor is no longer a Democrat.

Attytood compares bush's speech to failed president Lyndon B Johnson's speech exactly 4o years ago to the day. Yes, you may hum the theme to the Twilight Zone as you read it.

And just to add icing to the "1984 cake," Roger Ailes (Faux News) will receive the 2006 First Amendment Leadership Award.

Breaking news across the globe but not in the US media as of 2:00PM EST:
Iran reacted strongly Thursday to a U.S. military raid on its consulate in northern Iraq, demanding that the Iraqi government intervene to secure the release of consulate officials arrested during the incident. read the rest

And the Kurds in Iraq are not happy about this:
The Presidency and the Kurdistan Regional Government express their dismay and condemnation of the American action against the official consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran... read the rest

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