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Friday, January 19

Important Memo:

To Texas Jaye, Red State Blues, Flame, Jersey Cynic, Missouri Mule, Billydoom, NC Gal, and our fellow bloggers in the ethosphere:

Hey, you guys, Party Time! As Liz said in her last post, "We'll be visiting New England this weekend..."

Sooo, what's the old saying?: "While the cat's away, the mice will play". Let's rip up the joint! I'll whip up a batch of Bagne Caulda, somebody make sure to bring along a couple of jugs of Everclear, and don't forget the buttery flavored Wesson Oil and rubber sheets.

Bagne Caulda Recipe:
2-5 lbs. butter
Many cloves of garlic
Lotsa anchovies

Melt butter in sauce pan, mince garlic and anchovies, mix all together into horrible-looking grotesque viscous paste, and then dip French bread, crackers, or, just about anything (no, not body parts) and consume with gusto. If some dribbles down your chin and neck, it seems to enhance the flavor. Chase with a mixture of half Popov vodka and half Mad Dog 20-20 for full enjoyment.

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