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Sunday, January 14

A Deluded and Compulsive Gambler

That was the headline in the Guardian Unlimited regarding Bush's 'new' Iraq plan. Actually many of the worlds papers say pretty much the same thing. Al Rai calls it 'Vietnam Redux' , the Malaysian Star also echoes the addicted gambler mindset.

Personally I can think of a simplier and more accurate description. Insane. Isn't there a saying that goes "Doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expecting a different result is the definition of insanity" - well I'd say this qualifies.

Let us put aside for a moment that "Mr. I-am -the-deciders-but
-you-Dems-need-to-come-up-with-a-plan-first" (although had he actually shown up for his duty in the National Guard, well you know, maybe he'd have a clue what to do now) has learned NOTHING from Vietnam (I'll cut him a small break, seeing as how he was strung out and coked up during most of those years) but he has learned NOTHING from the last five years.

He has show no empathy towards the sacrifice of our sons and daughters in the armed services, he has no compassion or understanding towards the families and lives that they left behind. He gives wounded soldiers that oh so vacant stare and arrogant smirk, he doesn't even bother to remember the names of the family members of the fallen (and its not like he agrees to meet with a whole lot of them, really, how hard is it to remember the woman's name? Don't call her 'Mom' - she's not your mother, her child is dead thanks to your effing stupidity)

To make matters even worse, W is now stating that he will do as he pleases, DESPITE what Congress says, (may I add that only Congress can declare a war, last time I checked they still had NOT done so). Despite the fact that 80+% of Americans disagree with what he has done and what he is now doing. But then again, why should we be surprised by that?

He is simply being what he has ALWAYS been. That snotty, spoiled rich kid frat boy who always had Daddy and Daddy's money to bail him out. I mean, damn, the man bankrupted a baseball team, let alone destroyed every business he was ever involved in. Did anyone REALLY expect him running the country to turn out well?

But at least now we have a fighting chance. The Rethuglicans are no longer in control of Congress. There is no longer any rubber stamp in effect. The new Congress has already passed several bills that W has stated he will veto. More and more Republicans are breaking rank and voting with Dems, listening to their constituents and hopefully being VERY mindful of the '08 elections.

Right now my best hope is that by overstepping the checks and balances of the Constitution; W will force a show down of impeachment and, dare I hope it, high treason proportions. Darth Cheney would be dragged down along with him (or perhaps they just won't shock him back to life this time around) Which would leave the most sane person in politics to pick up the reigns until the next election; Speaker Pelosi.

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