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Saturday, January 20

BIG COAL'S DIRTY MOVE -- By Jeff Goodell -- Rolling Stone 1/27/07

As the world heats up, the coal industry is racing to build more than 150 new power plants before Congress decides to crack down on global warming

"Like most stories about energy, corruption and greed, this one is centered in Texas. TXU, an electric-power company based in Dallas, has announced plans to build eleven new coal plants in Texas by 2011 -- a move that a trade publication calls "one of the most ambitious generation capacity expansions in recent power industry history" and whatayaknow -- the Nuge's best bud, govna RICK PERRY, was the one who "issued an executive order fast-tracking permits for the new power plants that TXU and other coal companies want to build."

In the article we learn about the AMAZING EFFORTS of Laura Miller, Mayor of Dallas, who is leading the fight to prevent these plants from going up. (Here's a related NPR story)

"Pissing off Miller was not a smart move. A former investigative journalist who got elected mayor by campaigning against her city's billionaire boys club, she is now taking aim at Big Coal. Miller, a mother of three, spends many of her evenings and weekends traveling to small towns in rural Texas near the sites of the proposed plants, urging residents to join the Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition, which she formed to make sure that citizens have a voice in the permit process."

Unfortunately, Laura Miller will not be seeking re-election. I am happy that she will be able to spend more time with her kids though.

I decided to take a quick look into the current Dallas political scene -- Who's running down there? I hope Laura Miller has inspired others to take over for her. Well, I stopped at this article -- JMJ!! Is Dallas really that large an area that they have a "North" and "South" thing going on? Is this some kind of family feud thing that goes way back? I know nothing about Texas. JR Ewing and GW Bush are the only associations I have with Texas...

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