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Sunday, January 21

The Audacity of Hope

You know, I was a child of Watergate, which is to say I am highly cynical about politics, politicians, the state of the union, and all other things Washington. Still, every once in a while, I allow myself some hope, and today was one of those days, when I read this piece by William Friedkin on HuffPo.

Y'all know that I was highly skeptical of Jim Webb when he started his campaign. The best I could say of him then was that he wasn't Felix "Macaca" Allen. But, he started to grow on me, a bit like fungus. I listened more carefully and liked what I heard. I sent a little money to the campaign, and then I sent a little more. I volunteered some time, but not too much so that I was truly engaged. I maintained my emotional distance, not wanting my heart broken yet one more time, not wanting the disillusionment to set in.

I'm never too proud to admit when I might, just might, be wrong. I still need to see a little more "walking the talk" before that happens. But I'm paying more attention. The man my actually be a leader with some potential. We shall see. All I know right now is that a couple of the locks guarding my heart have opened.

I may not watch Our Delusional Leader's incoherent mumblings on Tuesday, but I damn sure will be watching the Democratic response.

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