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Wednesday, January 10

Are You Gonna Watch?

King George gives his address to the nation tonight, to explain to the American public how he is going to perpetuate the worst foreign policy disaster in the nation's 230 year history. It will be carried live by all the major networks and the so-called news channels.

I can't watch the man on the teevee; it makes me physically ill. The smirk, the mispronunciations, the mangled syntax, the idiotic facial expressions, the eye blinkings, the robotic arm gestures. Certainly the substance of the speech, with what I expect will be tortured rationales for the proposed troop surge, is sure to elevate my blood pressure and leave me screaming at the teevee, causing my teenager to question momma's sanity.

So, nope, not gonna do it. I think there's a new episode of Top Chef on Bravo calling my name.

Are you gonna watch?

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