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Sunday, January 28

Anti-war protest review

The anti-War on Iraq protest yesterday didn't get enough publicity in the lead up as I think it should have. Some big old lefty bloggers didn't say much about it, but when you're sponsored by the "man," I guess you have to keep a low profile on patriotic matters. The wingers, naturally, had a field day criticizing it because of the hollywood types who attended. Big deal. Try to find a peace-nik who gives a hoot about what movie stars have to say. They were there to garner some publicity for the event, no doubt. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity.

For a January 27th, there was a darn good turnout. It's not easy to get out of your comfort zone and go to DC when it's 19º outside with the windchill at -8º. The god's must have blessed the gathering because it was downright balmy at 52º during the march. No one knows how many people were there, but there was a flood of people for miles and it warmed the cockles of my heart to see so many people who oppose our troops being used to further the corporate agenda and the deaths of so many people who should be alive today. Surely there were 10's of thousands and maybe even 100 thousand. Each person counted for maybe another thousand or even 10,000.

A bunch of kids were reported to have "stormed the Capital." DBK, Mimus Pauly, Jersey Cynic, Red State Blues and I were standing right there at the steps of the Capital admiring its architecture when the kids ran up the path towards the steps. When I find my card reader, I'll upload the pictures I took when it happened. It wasn't a big hoopla really. The police didn't look too disturbed as they lined up under the steps. They weren't wearing riot gear and the kids were just chanting and exercising their free speech as far as I could see.

I understand that there were counter-protestors there, but we missed them unfortunately. There were approximately 40 of them- a few more than at the last protest. I think the pro-war types were afraid of being approached by military recruiters. But where else could you find new recruits during an unpopular war but at a counter protest?

Read below about the march on the Pentagon coming up in March.

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