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Wednesday, January 31

And We Are Supposed to TRUST Them?

The woman was in Tampa on Saturday for Gasparilla, an annual pirate-theme parade that draws thousands of people. She said she was walking alone to her car when a man pulled her behind a building and raped her, McElroy said.

She reported the rape Saturday afternoon, and officers took her to a rape crisis center where she was given the first of two doses of the morning-after pill, McElroy said. The second dose is supposed to be taken within 24 hours.

Later, as she was riding in a patrol car trying to locate the crime scene in the dark, police found the warrant stemming from a 2003 juvenile arrest for grand theft and burglary. It said she owed $4,585.
"They stopped the investigation right there" and put her in handcuffs, Moore said.

Yep, you read it right. A college woman was raped, reported it to police, and during the investigation they found an outstanding warrant for a JUVENILE offense and put her in jail for two days.... and then the medical tech INSIDE the prison refused to give her the second part of the 'morning after' contraception pill.

Her lawyer only got her out by going public and straight to the media. So the rapist is running around free and the victim is put in jail. (Talk about shades of the Handmaid's Tale) And even worse they did this during the middle of the investigation.

What do I take away from this? A woman is worth shit and any excuse to let someone (anyone) get away with beating, raping or killing them is just dandy.

Oh, and that warrant? The rape victim states she has proof that it was, in fact, paid in full in 2004.

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