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Thursday, December 21

Welcome to my "Church of What's Happening NOW!

I'm still trying to put together our family's Christmas celebration (I'm the hostess this year -- lucky me!)

At present, none of them can give me a 'good time' to start the festivities because they're all still arguing over what mass and which church to attend. This is a MAJOR deal in my family, as most of them bitch and moan about all the "once-a-year attendees" that crowd their church and how they will have to get there an hour ahead of time to get a good seat and how they'll all probably catch a nasty cold during the sign of peace. This will be the first year I don't make an appearance. It's about time I gave up 5 seats! I probably only attended in recent years just so I could join in on the decision, and complicate it even more. I am sooooo tempted to offer them to attend MY 'church' this year -- Mass begins whenever you get here!

I was hoping to dig up a youtube video of
The Flip Wilson Show and have Reverend Leroy playing as they arrived. No such luck. (I'm such a trouble maker.) For the best, I guess. Apparently, it's only available to purchase on DVD. Too bad! I never realized that the Flip Wilson show was eventually cancelled because he wanted too much money. I wonder who owns the rights now?

Flip Wilson, Johnny Carson and Jonathan Winters were my abosolute favorites as a kid. Look what I happend upon while searching youtube: Flip Wilson on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1965
CLASSIC -- still LMAO!

I think I'll keep the peace this year and tell them whatever works for them -- don't worry about us --we'll fit mass in around their schedules. Maybe I'll come down with a cold, and spare all the parishioners my germs (wink wink).

The one common ground we all seem to share is The Late Show with Johnny. I'm going to keep a lid on it this year and play the many episodes that are now showing up on youtube -- Rickles, Gleason, Winters, Newhart. So many!! We're going to have some good laughs. It should be a great time!

If you click on this video, it will bring up all of the episodes.

Johnny Carson - "What I have Learned"

HAPPY SOLSTICE to my all my BFF(s) at Blondesense and BigBrassBlog

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