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Saturday, December 16

Wanted: Competent Executioners

"What happened to the good old days of hangings, beheadings and firing squads?" she asked her readers with her glorious tongue firmly planted in her rosy cheek, "You just can't get good executioners these days. They must all be union men."

Have you been reading about the unusual pain and suffering of those being executed must endure? It's so bad that last week in Missouri, the injection method of execution was declared unconstitutional, it was stopped last February in California and now Florida has followed suit. It appears that no medical professionals want to assist executioners to ensure that they have mixed the death potions properly and administer them properly. And gee, I wonder why. I guess it's hard work to get executioners to do their jobs properly and all I can say is duh.

This leads me to another interesting story in the news about the goode olde days when hangings were the preferred method of execution. People used to come from miles around and bring the kids and the family dog to watch a good hanging. Then they'd all have a celebration and pat the kids on their heads knowing that this was a good way of ensuring that their children didn't break the law. Between reading the bible and watching a hanging, kids were taught to stay in line.

In Illinois, the last hanging took place almost 80 years ago. The granddaughter of the sheriff who supervised the final hanging has started a legal battle where she insists that she is the rightful heir to the noose that hung the last man in Illinois and not the county jail. Presently the county jail has all sorts of memorabilia of its last bad guy to be hanged, the smiling Charlie Berger. See photo on left. (more authentic pictures of the execution here).

The granddaughter of the sheriff who wants the noose says, "It's part of my family's heritage. If I let it go now, I'll never see it again."


This has been another presentation of "Our Country's Glorious Heritage" presented by the blonde folks at blondesense.

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