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Sunday, December 24

Some Holiday Time Wasters

Just milling about, waiting for relatives to show up or the baking to be done?

Here are a few time wasters to keep you busy and somewhat sane during the oft frantic and stressful holidays.

Write a Presidential Speech , Not quite a game but useful in the mall parking lot, then there is Rock, Paper, Saddam, Oh and don't forget to celebrate the FSM yule time feast day, 'holiday', - get we get a rAmen?

Once the relatives arrive you can get them a Psych eval via Dr. Seuss., also specifically for some of those relatives; hitman the online version. If you are like me and have to put up with one or two exteme bible literalist who claim that the Bible predicts everything, explain to them that so does Moby Dick and let the fun ensue. Your relatives a little cooler than that? Maybe old D&D players from way back? Try the 8bit version for old times sake.

Maybe mess around with some 'will they notice its not the real stuff' ads. Or make them a new year calendar with all those 'important' dates already on it. And to top off the night, a little Monty.

Hope everyone has a happy, safe and relaxing few days off with loved ones and a bit of peace.

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