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Friday, December 22

Scared Yet?

Some people are. So scared they don't even take vacation time they have coming. Courtesy of Patricia of Lone Tree who brought it to my attention, I offer an article entitled, "Are your vacation days numbered?" which contains such nuggets as:

"With the downsizing and companies being leaner in terms of the staffing, ... companies are trying to do more with less, and people are busier than ever,"

"On average, Americans will give up four vacation days this year, one more than last year."

"Experts say Americans are not fully taking advantage of their vacations because they are more insecure about their jobs. Some of them feel that if they take all their vacation, especially in large chunks, they will be looked upon negatively by their boss."

Final economic suggestion (for this post): Instead of buying a fancy-dancy can opener and presenting it to your loved one for Christmas, buy a couple of cases of Aldi's pork and beans and use your old opener to open the cans; then consume the contents right out of the can, preferably with a wooden spoon.

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