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Tuesday, December 26

Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag

One good thing about the olden days: Radio stations and television variety shows didn't distinguish between musical genres so we all had a pretty good taste for all types of music unlike today where I am unfamiliar with a lot of popular music and lack an appreciation for it.

The clock radio went off on Christmas morning and the DJ's were talking about the passing of James Brown. What a great loss to the music world. I've enjoyed him and his music for most of my life.

Yesterday, I was picturing my family watching Ed Sullivan way back when and seeing the Godfather of Soul come into our living room and singing his brand of funky gospel blues called "soul" at the time and watching this skinny black man with his white man's hair, move his feet like nothing I had ever seen before. All those "Ow's" and "Ooh's"- no one did it like James.

This morning I found James Brown on You Tube from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1966. Enjoy. (Lots more where that came from.)

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