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Tuesday, December 19

The Mark of Cheney: A Rotting Corpse

Wonkette has the scoop on the greatest scandal in DC. Bambi has been decomposing on the side of the road in Cheney's compound next to the Naval Observatory and nothing has been done about. Speculation on how Dick Cheney killed the deer are unclear because guns aren't allowed in DC. It is suggested that perhaps he just strangled it with his bare hands.

The comments just made me LOL.
"Everyone is saying that the shooter was on top of the observatory in front of him, but then the head would be forward, and to the right after the shot. Look at this picture. the head is back, and to the left......back and to the left. It's obvious that the shot came from behind him on the grassy yard across the street. Back, and to the left.....back, and to the left."

"I heard the Navy forensic team discovered Cheney's semen in the deer."

"Cheney shot it? Feh. He beat it to death with his massive penis."

"anybody check the corpse for polonium?"

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