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Wednesday, December 13

In Giddy Anticipation of the New Congress?

I don't see how your average American Republican could argue with a lot of the stuff being planned by the new congress, but then again, I would have to watch it being spun by the media. At least the issues that concern the American people will be addressed for a change. We'll see.

One of the first things the Dems say they will do is "slash interest rates on need-based college loans in half — from 6.8 percent to 3.4 percent." Boosting Pell Grants for low income students is also on the radar. Watch the fun begin as the Republicans claim that there is no way to pay for this. But what they are really saying is that all this college learnin' is detrimental to Republican values.

Congress demands anthrax probe answers
We thought that the 9/11 Commission was rather lame but at least there was sort of a investigation into 9/11. Remember anthrax? Remember how every single newscast was about it? No one investigated it. Strange. Thirty-three members of Congress have written Attorney General Alberto Gonzales demanding that the FBI update lawmakers on the investigation into the anthrax attacks five years ago that paralyzed the nation with bio-terror fears.

Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee promised to combat what he denounced as President George W. Bush's war-time trampling of American rights. Privacy rights belong to the people. Not the Government!

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