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Monday, December 18

I wonder if winter will come this year

I've been christmas shopping all morning and boy are my fingers tired... now my index finger has a twitching thing. It's a pain to shop on Long Island.

Speaking of Long Island, it's been downright balmy here. The grass is still green. My neighbor washed her car in her driveway yesterday. All we need are palm trees. It doesn't feel like Christmas. The awning came down over the weekend (just in case it ever snows) and we were packing up the summer stuff from the backyard as if it was October. I have a little bit more to do today and since it will be in the 60's it's not a problem. The husband found a nest of 'possums living in the shed yesterday when he was putting the awning away. They were evicted. I think they were intending to hibernate but it was too warm.

In Russia, it's balmy too. The animals think it's spring and are smooching it up way too soon. The smokers haven't quit smoking because it's still nice outside. There's a good article in the SF chronicle on how the climate change is affecting animal and bird migration and hibernation. They think it's spring but the insects, flowers and trees aren't on the same schedule.

Skiing in Europe sucks this year due to climate change or whatever you want to call it. It's being called a "snow crisis". That may be good news for the American skiing industry. Kenya's Mt Kilimanjaro hasn't much snow, so don't think you can go there either. Come on over Europeans- the dollar is cheap and there's still snow in our mountains somewhere. Spend spend spend. (Sorry about the airport fiasco, but we have to endure it too.)

Meanwhile car makers are fighting a global warming lawsuit in California. They don't believe that they are harming human health and the environment by producing heat trapping gasses. The technology is there for manufacturers to make more environmentally friendly automobiles but auto makers say the only way that they will make these cars is if the feds dictate stricter fuel-economy standards. But will they?

Years ago when there were fuel-economy standards, I asked the husband, who worked for Ford at the time, about his demo car which was a huge burgundy thing (slept 6)... the kind that old people in Florida drive, and he said they were making them in Windsor, Canada therefore they are not subject to U.S. fuel-economy standards.

So how's your climate? Typical? Strange?

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