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Friday, December 29

Does This Mean That We Won and Can Go Home Now?

The White House wants Saddam hung as early as this weekend. He is charged with killing 148 people who were planning to assassinate him back in 1982. The US will turn the dictator over to the Iraqi's on the day of his execution. Saddam's lawyer insists that it is forbidden by international conventions to hand over a prisoner of war to his adversary. His lawyer doesn't seem to understand who is in charge here. The bush administration "believes the trial was held in accordance with international and Iraqi laws." So who is going to argue with that? The Pope says that he condemns capital punishment because it's inconsistent with Roman Catholic teaching, as if that matters to anyone involved in this. Saddam was a bad, bad man and that is really all that matters to the blood thirsty.

Meanwhile bush topped both lists of an AP Poll.

He was voted the top villain of the year by a landslide beating by far Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and voted top hero of the year by a tiny margin of fringe wingers.

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