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Wednesday, November 22

Winning Hearts and Minds Here and Abroad

Yesterday the story broke that U.S. RATED WORST FOR TRAVEL
The study, conducted by the polling firm RT Strategies for the Discover America Partnership, was intended to help "promote travel to the United States and improve the country's image abroad."

Instead it showed the U.S. as rated twice as unfriendly in its procedures as the runner-up: the Middle East and the Asian subcontinent. Over half of the 2,000 travelers surveyed termed U.S. immigration officials as "rude," while two-thirds said they feared they would be detained on arriving in the United States "for a simple mistake in their paper work or for saying the wrong thing to an immigration official."
Oh jeez, they are so rude at the airports overall. Since when does "security" have to entail rudeness?

Today it's reported that travel will also be a pain in the ass for Americans:
The Homeland Security Department will require virtually all air travelers entering the United States after Jan. 23 to show passports - even U.S. citizens.

Until now, U.S. citizens, travelers from Canada and Bermuda, and some travelers from Mexico who have special border-crossing cards for frequent visitors were allowed to show other proofs of identification, such as drivers' licenses or birth certificates.
It really does seem more like they are trying to keep us in, doesn't it?

Just stay home for thanksgiving.
If you are traveling by air this weekend or anytime soon, remember that your liquids are still an issue in carry on luggage as my son learned this past week in San Jose. You have to carry your liquids in a clear zip lock bag (check) but the containers can't be larger than 3 oz. (uh oh)

When I picked him up at JFK the other morning, I notice that the line to get through security at 7am was virtually stopped dead due to the liquids issue.

First they said that you can't bring box cutters on the plane, but it didn't pertain to me.
Then they went after manicure sets, but it didn't pertain to me.
Then they went after my Oil of Olay, and it was too late, there was no one left to advocate for me.

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