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Sunday, November 26

What's with all the presidents and former prime ministers fainting?

Berlusconi slumps over during speech

Mexico's Fox out of danger after dizzy spell
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - "Mexican President Vicente Fox became faint on Sunday at a farewell party at his ranch five days before leaving office but is out of danger, the government said.

"After the corresponding medical examination, the president returned to the celebration, which continued in a cordial atmosphere," his office said in a statement."

And they're buddies of our head dumshit. Ya' s'pose gigologeorge sent them a bag of pretzels? Hmm.

UPDATE: Maybe I answered my own question: Perhaps they were overwhelmed by the thought of "Bush the Diplomat":

Bush Set for Burst of Talks With Allies
Bush Heading Overseas Again for a Week of High-Stakes Diplomacy on Iraq, Afghanistan

instead of "Bush the kill-crazy, war-mongering, imbecile".

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