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Friday, November 17

What Liberal Media?

When the GOP elected renowned confederate Trent Lott as the Minority Whip (no pun intended, there was hardly a peep from the MSM regarding exactly why he was forced to step down from his post in 2002. He won by one vote showing that the Republicans were pretty evenly divided over his selection. Yet it was reported that the Republicans are all forgiving and progressive, yadda yadda, yadda. The media did not replay over and over and over Lott's segregationist speech at Strom Thurmond's birthday party. In fact it was reported that the Republicans never brought it up.

The media however couldn't stop salivating over the election for the number 2 spot in the Democratic Party, highlighting and replaying Thomas Murtha's refusal to take a bribe in a sting operation in 1980 (or around there.) Murtha was also vilified as an "insider" yet when describing why the Republicans needed Lott, he was praised as an insider.

Olbermann: Funny, how when Trent Lott defeated Lamar Alexander by one vote for the Senate minority leadership yesterday, it was characterized in the media as a remarkable comeback story, with the random kidding reference to that ironical word “minority.” But when Steny Hoyer and Jack Murtha both stood for the House majority leadership today, that was characterized in the media as Democratic infighting, with frequent implications that the Dems were already coming apart at the seams.

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