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Monday, November 27

The War on Peace Continues

UPDATE: The subdivision has approved the woman's peace wreath. Peace at last.

So a woman hangs a Christmas wreath on her house in the shape of a peace sign- you know, Peace on Earth, Goodwill To Men... her neighbors go apeshit thinking that it's a sign of Satan or an anti-war protest (which perhaps it might be and so the hell what?) And why on earth doesn't the president of the association tell the morons who think it's a satanic symbol that it's not? The homeowners association president doesn't think that people should hang symbols or flags that might be construed as "divisive" and has decided to charge her $25/day for ignoring the subdivision's rules that say "no signs, billboards or advertising are permitted without the consent of the architectural control committee." Architecture control committee? Scary.

Wouldn't Christmas decorations on a home be considered divisive if you are going to be picky about not insulting your very thin skinned neighbors who have no lives? Not hanging any decorations on your home at Christmas time can be divisive too.

There are some people in the subdivision whose family members are serving in Iraq and they are also offended by the peace symbol. That, I don't get. Are they worried that if there is peace, someone will be out of a job? Who says that people who advocate for peace hate the military? It could be that most people who advocate for peace would like to see the military used for defense rather than war profiteering. That's offensive?

Why not educate "silly" people rather than let their ignorance dictate the social agenda? This political correctness has gotten completely out of hand.

Is this "homowners association" business just practice for the fascist take over of America? You buy a home, you have to pay taxes and then you have to live by a bunch of rules decided by your neighbors who may or may not be nazi sympathizers? They would have to pay ME to live under such conditions. If people have enough money to buy a new home in this day and age, they should certainly be able to decide for themselves how they want to present their homes on the outside. It works in my neighborhood and where millions upon millions of other people live.

The committee members in the homeowner's association decided that the woman shouldn't be forced to take down the wreath, so the president of the association fired the committee members. I suspect that there will be mutiny.

Hat tip to Eclectics Anonymous

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