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Thursday, November 30

This is rich

U.S. to unveil new citizenship questions
Up until now, the people I know with the most knowledge of US history, the constitution, the brances of government and what they do, are the foreign born citizens. Now the US gubmint is going to make the questions harder and more in depth. They are going to delve into the civil war too. Hmm. Try to find a northerner who knows much about the civil war.

They are now going to ask them CIVICS QUESTIONS!
When are they going to teach civics to those born here? We wouldn't be in this freaking mess in the US with all this division if those born and bred here knew civics, for gawd's sake.

They ought to give these citizen tests to the goddamn elected officials and pundits! I'd like to see bush try to pass the old citizenship test.

UPDATE: Want to see how you'd do on a civics test? Try this.
hat tip to Father Tyme.

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