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Tuesday, November 28

So, who screwed up our kids? Why can't public schools get these kids to perform......

you know, like we did way back when. How many tests, besides classroom subject tests, did we have in school? (I started kindergarten in 1960something). I'm sure there must have been some kind of standardized test we took that measured our progres. I know it wasn't every other week though! I don't remember at the moment. I just went to school, did what I was told -- LIVED for recess and band -- went home and did my homework (by myself), watched McHale's Navy everyday at 6pm and went outside and played, played, played!! Rode bikes, knocked on doors, played baseball in the street, or a million other different games we made up. I took a couple of dancing classes as a kid, but that was it. No gymnastics, soccer club, t-ball, karate, etc. One car per family -- dad took it to work and life was pretty simple.

Besides the breakdown of the family, what else has contributed to teachers being unable to get american school children to perform as well as kids from other countries? Nothing is working. 'No child left behind' seems to have made things worse. How much lower do the 'test results' have to be to say "IT'S NOT WORKING"!

Pierre Tristam's latest:The Mis-Education of America
Revenge of the Home-Schoolers
is a great commentary, and is what got me going on this subject.

I really don't care for a lot of what I hear happens during the course of a school day. I spend way to much time undoing what they see and hear all day when they get home. I would love to homeschool my kids, but I know myself all too well. I would take waaay to many field trips and probably try to find the movie instead of reading the book!!

(It's a great read, and I think he is spot on. Join in on his comment thread if you'd like.)

I came across this video by Bob Sinclair called
"Love Generation" and
it's message, spoke volumes to me.

As much as I hate to say it....It DOES take a village.

Maybe combine the two?

It takes a village to make sure no child is left behind......

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