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Sunday, November 19

Russia can repel asteroids to save Earth: official

I'm pretty sure we talked about this a few weeks ago - ? -

I just had to post this digg conversation I came across while doing a search for 'cynical'.

A few days ago, GOD had this story Ancient Crash, Epic Wave
-- Fascinating story! I especially got a kick out of the "Correction Appended" part!!!!

WELL -- the conversations I just found while searching for 'cynical' lead me to 2 comment threads which related to the NYTimes ancient crash story. I read the digg comments first, which were MOST SPOT ON, imho. Somehow, I came across this conversation at PhysOrgForum that called the folks at digg some bad, bad names.

Go read what the people at are saying ... a bunch of good for nothing morons.


Man, that 'worldpeace' guy needs to calm the hell down. He doesn't come off as very peaceful. Digg threads are always stinking cesspools of immaturity, and the posters aren't always from America. Letting it get under your skin just shows you're as immature as they are........

Great conversation!

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