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Thursday, November 30

Plea for help

Leola Kinchen works at Fred's discount store in Louisiana and is a friend of Anntichrist S Coulter. Leola suffers from Neurofibromatosis-1, a condition commonly known as "Elephant Man's disease," even though recent research has suggested that John Merrick suffered from a variety of other diseases.

Lee has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, which is part of her disease, and that this tumor is pressing down on 8 of the 15 major nerve branches in her brain, as well as causing blockages and constriction of most of her major blood vessels in her brain.

Due to even more complications, Lee cannot receive SSDI/SSI, Medicare & Medicaid, and food stamps, because of her "part-time" job at Fred's, which won't even provide her with a healthcare plan until next year. Lee may not live that long.

Annti is actively seeking someone who is a grant writer or who has ties to a corporation willing to help with financing Lee's hospitalization which will run well over $100,000.

Lee desperately needs your help and any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Checks can be sent to the address below.
Fund For Leola Kinchen
Bank Of St. Francisville
P.O. Drawer 818
St. Francisville, LA 70775
There is a pay pal button at the website Annti set up for Lee.
Please help spread the word about Lee.

You can read all about Lee at

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