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Tuesday, November 14

Only on Fox: Bloggers and Non Christians Ruining Everything Sacred

Leave it to to remind me that the cons are still spewing nonsense on what is supposed to be a "news" channel.

For instance, George H.W. Bush told Faux News last night that bloggers are to blame for the current political climate which has “gotten so adversarial that it’s ugly.” Give me a break. Someone had to oversee the 3 branches of government since they aren't keeping each other in check and the media doesn't do it. Letter writing time again.

Also on Faux News, Billy O revived the war on christmas waged by "secular progressives". Who is he? The Christmas Nazi? Who the hell cares if it's "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas"? He should know better being New Yorker. NY was voted the friendliest city in the whole world for gawd's sake. We're used to being all inclusive. He's like a one man wrecking crew.

There are other celebrations and holidays at that time of year, so your store clerks would really have to spew a mouthful of Merry's and Happy's to each and every customer in order to be inclusive, not to mention they couldn't put a nice picture on the shopping bags because it would be cluttered with Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Years, Happy Kwanza, etc etc...

Oh wait ! Blonde solution time: Maybe we should wear buttons that depict what greeting we would prefer when we shop. Even better, the stores could print up shopping bags for each holiday including a "fill in the blank" one, and the clerk can ask each customer what their preference is: "Paper or plastic?" "Christmas or Kwanza?" "Oh I'm sorry, you looked.. nevermind... " "Jew?" "Pagan?" "Muslim?" "Lapsed Catholic? Oh I hear you." "What do you mean you don't celebrate Kwanza? I just thought..." Oh the hilarity that would ensue.

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