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Friday, November 17


I've really gotta get a job (that's what my family keeps telling me anyway) but this is way too much fun! Yeah, yeah guys -- I'm look'n, I'm look'n.... (I'm logging onto next)

Went to youtube this morning cause I couldn't get
out of my head all night -- it got reeeeally bad around 2am - must of been that can of coke that - I HAD TO HAVE - to stay awake for the PTA meeting I promised I would attend.

I was glad to see that at least our world has been united by coke in some way....
Yeah, too bad the song never played out the way it should have

A N Y W A Y.....
this popped up in the search (?)

It's rummy rolling one, among other things......

(it was added a few days ago -- has 455,255 hits so far -- let's see how fast the numbers go up!!!)

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