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Thursday, November 16

Oh My God, Yes

From Orwell's Grave:
"Most men have a woman or girl in his life who has been a victim of male violence, a mother who was beaten, a co-worker who was abused, a sister or daughter who was raped or killed, a friend whose daughter was attacked, a friend whose wife was battered in a previous marriage. How would things change if our male governmental leaders, our male religious leaders, our male media leaders, our male teachers, our male business leaders, all of us began to speak out, identify male violence around them, and begin working to end it? How can we empower men to learn more, stand up and be heard on these issues? Knowledge is the first step."

Please read the whole post.

UPDATE: I just came across this story. Domestic violence victims offered way to stay in U.S. Plan lets domestic abuse victims say in U.S.

Is domestic violence more of a Republican rather than a Democratic thing?

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