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Wednesday, November 22

Notice anything strange about this headline?:

"Bush, Maliki to meet as Iraqi deaths hit new high"

The article from the usually reliable Reuters, goes on to say,
"U.S. President George W. Bush will meet Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Jordan next week with grim new statistics showing record numbers of Iraqis were killed last month and many more fled the country.

"A U.N. report put civilian deaths in October at 3,709 -- 120 a day and up from 3,345 in September."
Reuters. (If that link doesn't work, go to their Main Page.)

But then, we contrast that with this CNN article which, using the British Medical Journal Lancet as a source says that since the beginning of the war, 655,000 Iraqis have died: "Violence including gunfire and bombs caused the majority of deaths but thousands of people died from worsening health and environmental conditions directly related to the conflict that began in 2003, U.S. and Iraqi public health researchers said. Since March 2003, an additional 2.5 percent of Iraq's population have died above what would have occurred without conflict..." which works out to about 22,000+ deaths every month.

Of course, the (usually UNreliable) CNN report came out on October 11, a little less than a month before elections. Which lends credence to my theory that the Republicans, with the compliance of the MSM, wanted to throw the elections.

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