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Sunday, November 26

Music Review

Ever wonder what happened to those geeky kids who played in the school orchestra? They are cool cats now and playing with Brian Setzer (of the Stray Cats fame) Orchestra who's on the annual coast to coast tour for the holidays (tour schedule).

Long Islander, Setzer sells out each year when he comes back to perform at the Westbury Music Fair, now named for some bank but we still call it by the old name here in Westbury. It's a great way to kick off the holidays each year even if you're not even ready for the holidays and don't even care about them. I guess my holidays were kicked off last night. It's just too bad that you're stuck in a seat when the band starts playing and your foot starts tapping.

After many songs with the orchestra, Brian played some great rockabilly classics with the bass player and the drummer to remind us of 25 years ago when we were young and pretty and the Stray Cats would prowl Long Island. Setzer still looks pretty.

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