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Monday, November 27

Iraq. How fucked up is this?

Now that the shit has totally hit the fan and Iraq is in a bigger mess than could ever be dreamed of, congressional leaders are pressing bush on Iraq. The president will fly to Jordan to talk to allies about doing something about the quagmire as if anything he ever does has any effect on anything. Cheney met with the clowned prince of Saudia Arabia the other day... and the clowned prince wanted to talk about Palestine v Israel and the situation in Lebanon rather than Iraq. Notice that our leaders only speak to their friends? I would want to keep dialogue open with my "enemies" if I were a world leader, but what the hell do I know?

Oh wait, Panel to Weigh Overture by U.S. to Iran, Syria
Mr. Bush spent 90 minutes with commission members in a closed session at the White House two weeks ago “essentially arguing why we should embrace what amounts to a ‘stay the course’ strategy,” said one commission official who was present.

Officials said that the draft of the section on diplomatic strategy, which was heavily influenced by Mr. Baker, seemed to reflect his public criticism of the administration for its unwillingness to talk with nations like Iran and Syria.

But senior administration officials, including Stephen J. Hadley, the president’s national security adviser, have expressed skepticism that either of those nations would go along, especially while Iran is locked in a confrontation with the United States over its nuclear program. “Talking isn’t a strategy,” he said in an interview in October.
Mr Hadley, you are so wrong. You don't read the news and your administration never even tried to talk to enemies so how the hell do you know? Why don't you all sit there and discuss strategy in your comfy rooms while my friend is fighting for his life in Baghdad?

And the most ironic part? Iraqi President Jalal Talabani will fly to Tehran to meet with Ahmadinejad once it's safe for him to actually go to the airport and fly out of Iraq.

On Sunday, Iran's president said his country was willing to take a more active role in Iraq's future.

Ahmadinejad first lambasted the United States and its allies, in particular Britain, for being "accomplices in the crimes committed in Iraq," according to state-run news agency, IRNA. The president, an acerbic critic of U.S. policy, called on the United States and Britain to leave that war-torn country.

"You have to stop bullying, threatening and insulting nations. Today, you and your hegemony are about to collapse," he said.

Later, in the same speech, Ahmadinejad offered to help the United States "put an end to the present situation" in Iraq, on the condition that Washington stop its "bullying" in that country, and revise its approach in the Middle East.

"In that case, Iran will be ready to help you out," he said.
Oh man. Let's see how this plays out. Will the bushista's hubris prevent them from allowing Iran and/or Syria stop the madness in Iraq?

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