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Sunday, November 26

Iraq Fever in NY?

Cops shoot 3, kill groom on wedding day

I'm not sure exactly what started it in Queens but the NYPD felt it necessary to fire 50 rounds of ammo at 3 unarmed men in a moving car also spraying homes and a train station with gunfire. They had just left a strip club (sheesh) where the driver's bachelor party took place. He was to be married the next day and 250 guests were expected. Al Sharpton is all over this. I will hold my written opinion until all the facts are in yet I will be shooting my big mouth off when I'm off the record.

UPDATE: The situation escalates as crowds gather demanding answers to what happened. The article also states what I thought was the law in NY: that police may not open fire on a moving vehicle "unless deadly force is being used against the police officers or another person present, by means other than a moving vehicle." Hmm.

It still hasn't been determined if the undercover cops actually identified themselves as such. (I get the impression from reading the story that the 3 men did not know that the guys with guns were cops and were just trying to get the hell out of there.) We'll see.

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