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Tuesday, November 21

Interesting Stuff in The News This Morning

Bush says that he "would understand" if Israel attacked Iran (so is that the plan?). French government official says it would be a disaster if Israel attacked Iran saying that it would only add 2 years to the completion of Iran's nuclear program and that Iran surely would cancel membership the Non-Proliferation Treaty and maybe target bigger fish than Israel in the future.

Cheney says, "we don't need no stinking congress to declare war on Iran." He demonstrates how he'd do it by reminiscing on how he ripped off and short changed the power company he worked for in Wyoming as a lad and how he would use the same technique on any legislative restrictions. Why is he still alive?

US Won't Be Rid Of Arms until 2023. The Pentagon has extended its timeline to destroy and dispose of the US' stash of chemical weapons until 11 years after the due date. Imagine how much stuff could be stolen? It's not like the US is good at keeping weapons out of the bad guy's hands.

Rupert Murdoch "badly miscalculated" the public's tolerance for the OJ book and tv show and pulled it. When are we going to re-regulate media ownership and forbid this foreigner and fighter against freedom from controlling so much US media? And wasn't this whole idea the brain child of Judith Regan, the sex partner of Bernard Kerick during the Ground Zero cleanup in NY? The same Judith Regan who was completely appalled at Clinton's blow job and exclaimed her distaste at anyone who would commit adultery on the television news ad nauseum in the 90's? Gag me with a spoon.

STORY UPDATE: Think Progress reports that hush money was offered to the Brown Family.

Detroit teen creates nuclear fushion in his basement.
"Originally, he wanted to build a hyperbolic chamber," his mother said, adding that she promptly said no. But, when he came asking about the nuclear fusion machine, she relented.

Toilet paper giant, Charmin, set up 20 pristine bathroom stalls in NY's Times Square for the holiday season. Users were interviewed:
"It's very clean, and you feel welcome. I'll be sure to use it again before I go home."
"You hear some negative things about New York and then you get here and you see something like this."
"This is just another overhyped Times Square gimmick. I like the idea of a clean public rest room, but you don't need five people talking to you before and after you do your business."

Please don't forget about Leola Kichen, friend of Anntichrist S. Coulter who is fighting for her life.

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