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Thursday, November 30

I have no idea how the clusterfuck will be resolved

Re Bush agrees to speedy turnover in Iraq

Bush finally met with al-Maliki (Shiite) but not with King Abdulla II of Jordan (Sunni) in their presence. This was not Bush's idea. As you know, al-Maliki is supported by the Mahdi Army headed by Al-Sadr (Shiite) and they are responsible for much of the "sectarian violence" also known as the civil war (if there ever was a definition of civil war).
The official quoted al-Maliki as telling Bush that controlling the group "is not a big problem and we will find a solution for it."
Yeah right. Yesterday al-Sadr's group resigned from the Iraqi parliament in protest of al-Maliki's visit in Jordan. That may be why al-Maliki didn't meet with with King of Jordan and Bush simultaneously. It also could be because the bushistas leaked a negative memo about al-Maliki's competence as a leader. (two-faced aren't they?)

Bush says, "Heck of a job, Maliki." Uh oh. You know what happens after that: Maliki finds a horse's head in his bed.
" I appreciate the courage you show during these difficult times as you lead your country," Bush told al-Maliki after nearly two and a half hours of talks. "He's the right guy for Iraq." It was their third face-to-face meeting since al-Maliki took power about six months ago.

"There is no problem," declared al-Maliki.
Bush has maintained recently that Iraq is a sovereign nation and is capable of fighting its own battles, yet we read that 20,000 more troops may be sent to Baghdad to quell the violence. It seems like it's too little too late, but what the hell do I know? We have no idea who is running the show. I hope bush isn't making these decisions.

Bush doesn't want to see Iran (Shiite) help Iraq either. But al-Maliki is open to help from neighboring countries. President Talabani from Iraq enlisted help from Iran the other day as you may recall. There is also the possibility that help may be sought by the U.S. from Saudi Arabia (Sunni). The bush administration wants Sunni help and Maliki wants Shiite help.

So there is still no exit date and bush vowed to stay the course in Iraq with no graceful exit until there is victory even though no one can explain what victory will look like.

Now comes the interesting part:
You know that bi-partisan commission that was set up to figure out this mess? They have a plan and it flies in the face of everything bush has said.
A bipartisan commission next week will unveil long-awaited recommendations for a new U.S. policy in Iraq that a published report said would call for a gradual pullback of U.S. troops there — without a timetable — and direct diplomacy with Iran and Syria.
Alrighty then. I suspect that something big is going to go down next week.

What would you do if you were Maliki? I discussed this with Billydoom last night and we would go into exile if we were Maliki. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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