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Monday, November 20


OMG I don't know what else to say. Father-Tyme and I have been desparately searching for this song. THE ONE AND ONLY VERSION
of the way this song should be sung. (download it right under the title of the article, Pat...)

Perfect Timing (as usual)

You may remember it....

It played in the background during the opening scene of Biloxi Blues as the train pulled into boot camp.

" I don't think much about the Big War anymore....the one they call the Second One, because the small wars that came after it seem a lot bigger now than the Big War was.

Most people today look back at the Big One with sort of fond memories; it was, in a sense, an OK war. We knew why we were fighting it, and we felt pretty proud of ourselves for being in it. We liked the songs.....we liked the uniforms.....we LIKED the girls!

we liked that everyone liked us....

So, looking back, it really was one of your better wars; except that you were just a kid, a year out of highschool; heading south in a troop train knowing that in 2 months you'd be in some mud hole fighting for your life."

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