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Wednesday, November 15

Have you heard the latest rumor floating around the blogs?

Judith Miller's brain is only the size of a pecan and it's filled with stuff akin to hotdog innards. Shakespeare's Sister says it's only a rumor, but then again, it could be true.

Remember in September when the fucking NY Post made fun of the fact that Keith Olbermann received a suspicious letter containing white powder? It wouldn't have been deemed funny if one of the "journalists" at the NY Post received such a package. Olbermann was perceived as some sort of baby for reporting it. He never demanded to be taken to the hospital for tests despite the reports. It is standard protocol, after a terrorist threat, to undergo a series of tests according to the government, not Olbermann.

The homegrown terrorist and Freeper, Chad Castanega was arrested for sending the letter to Olbermann's home as well as sending the same to Nancy Pelosi (CA), Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), David Letterman and Jon Stewart. This story was talked about on Countdown last night and interestingly Media Matters reports that the rest of the media has barely said boo about the Freeper's arrest. Meanwhile, when liberal blogger, Mike Stark dared to ask George Macacawitz Allen about his first wife and was taken down by his handlers, the story was all over the "liberal" media for days.

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