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Friday, November 17

Fox . . . Meet Henhouse

The latest in a continuing series, demonstrating that there are no lengths to which King George will not go to absolutely freaking destroy this country. This week's Exhibit A is the appointment of Dr. Eric Keroack.

Dr. Keroack has been appointed (yes, none of those darned Senate confirmation hearings to bother with) as the head of the family planning program at the Department of Health and Human Services. You know, the department that is "designed to provide access to contraceptive supplies and information to all who want and need them with priority given to low-income person". The good doctor is the current medical director of an organization called A Woman's Concern. Sounds benign, no? No. This organization believes that contraceptives are demeaning to women. Which, of course, makes Dr. Keroack the perfect choice to head a department that is all about access to contraceptives. (I urge you to visit the website of A Woman's Concern and click on their explanations of various abortion methods. It's quite enlightening.)

Well, I'm pretty speechless, except to say one thing: bipartisan cooperation my sweet ass.

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