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Tuesday, November 21

Flower Power People Are Still Ruining the Country

OH for goodness' sake. Now I know what happened to our country, why it went down the tubes and why everything is so darn icky... the hippies haven't all died yet.

Jenean Mcbrearty, a columnist at the Lexington Herald-leader declares that "America won't win another war until the 1960s flower children are pushing up petunias." Damn hippies still want utopia and they refuse to accept reality. Apparently the reality is that everyone is out to get us and we are not scared enough.

Silly Ms Mcbrearty goes on to create a straw hippy that has influenced the straw media:
For example, consider their continued belief that America's armed forces are neo-Nazi stormtroopers who delight in burning babies to further the aims of imperialistic corporations. Such nonsense, now treated as legitimate by the left-leaning media, denigrates the patriotic values and sincerity of half the nation.
Um. No. Not the troops- their leaders, but thanks for trying.

And how dare the flower children, the dirty, looney hippies renounce the military industrial complex when they are in business to keep us safe! And those pagan hippies want us to lose the war in Iraq too:
Their BAWL (Buddha-Allah-Wicca-Lenin) is better than some old Judeo-Christian God.

In their heart of hearts, lefty loonies do want America to lose in Iraq and every military theater. They want outside enemies to accomplish quickly the demolition of American capitalism, using the violence the lefty loonies are too old, too scared and too well-invested to use.
Outside enemies? Our enemies are within, but thanks for trying again. Not all capitalism needs to be demolished, silly... just cruel capitalism a/k/a corporatism or fascism.

Do read her interesting op ed and perhaps write her a note.

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