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Tuesday, November 14

Down With The Patriarchy

It all boils down to this:
Accepting homosexuality and encouraging homosexuals to come out puts a damper on the patriarchy. They need more "manly" men to pull it off. Allowing women to take control of their reproductive power puts the patriarchs in a tizzy. They need more submissive women. That is one reason why I am an outspoken advocate of gay and women's rights. How much longer can the patriarchs pull off their domination strategy when their numbers are dwindling because the homosexuals are fighting for acceptance? How will they sell a war? How will they justify oppression?

Look at politics and religion lately. The wedge issues are gay marriage and reproductive rights. These issues have nothing to do with running a government or loving God. The self righteous Republicans insist that gay marriage and abortion rights will harm society while at the same time they fritter away hard earned tax dollars conducting wars and legislating oppression. The religious claim that being gay and having sex outside of marriage or even married without the intention of having a child will send you straight to hell while in the meantime, leaves you guilty and self loathing. Who is really harming society? Who is really creating a living hell on earth for others? Who are the people placing the most burden on society?

How ironic is it that the patriarchy doesn't want gays and lesbians to raise children when in fact they do it all the time? Hmm, how did there come to be so many gay and lesbian people in the world? Makes you wonder what kind of self loathing homosexuals join the priesthood or marry then disown their children who dare to come out. They are miserable and want you to be miserable too.

Who's being punished when a woman is denied birth control by a pharmacist or her religion? Who's being punished when a gay man marries an unsuspecting woman or becomes a Catholic priest for cover? Who's being punished when a woman is forced to bear a child who will be born into poverty and denied health care? Who will be punished when home schooling takes precedence over public schools?

That's right- All of us. And who will come out smelling like a rose? The patriarchs.

You've read enough lately on how your government views gay and reproductive rights.

Now read how Catholic bishops this week are getting together to discuss ministry to gay people and what the suggestions are: It's ok to be gay (because God made you that way) as long as don't act on your human desire to express love for another person (sin) and keep your mouth shut regarding your sexual orientation (we don't want people to know just how many of us there are in the world).

Read how Catholic bishops this week will also discuss the ban on contraception for married people: If you would just refrain from having sex during those "10 days" of the month, then you wouldn't need it. (Easy for a bunch of self loathing gay men to come up with that strategy isn't it?)

Read how Catholic bishops will also strategize on how to settle the war in Iraq and discuss who is worthy to take Holy Communion.

Meanwhile, attacking gay people is one thing Muslims and Jews can agree on in Jerusalem.

It all ties in together nicely doesn't it?

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