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Tuesday, November 14

Checking things out next door:

Found the following over at The Dark Wraith Forums:

Quoth the Dark Wraith
So former President George H.W. Bush says bloggers are responsible for degrading the national political discourse with their overwrought harshness.

That's just ridiculous.

May he and all his progeny suffer unspeakable and festering boils upon the buttocks until they die in writhing agony, upon which time may they, along with their agonizing butt boils, be condemned to burn in the raging inferno of Hell for all Eternity.

Yes, indeed: just ridiculous.

In response, I would like to offer these thoughts:
May bloody piles distress their asses
And corns adorn their feet;
May crabs as big as lobsters
Crawl over their bodies and eat;
And when they're old and gray,
And syphilitic wrecks,
May their heads fall through their assholes
And break their fucking necks.

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