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Tuesday, November 28

Baby, It's Warm Outside

I still have blooming impatience, chrysanthemums and pansies here at the very end of November. My neighbor's geraniums and petunias are still thriving. Our lawns are still growing here on Long Island. With temps in the 60's, there is no need to wear a jacket when you go out during the day. No one is complaining as they leisurely hang their christmas lights on their houses. By now, we should have had a killing frost. We've used less than 200 gallons of fuel in the past nine months in my family and there is definitely something strange going on. Could it be this?

Carbon emissions show sharp rise
By Richard Black
The rise in humanity's emissions of carbon dioxide has accelerated sharply, according to a new analysis.

The Global Carbon Project says that emissions were rising by less than 1% annually up to the year 2000, but are now rising at 2.5% per year.

It says the acceleration comes mainly from a rise in charcoal consumption and a lack of new energy efficiency gains.
Charcoal is filthy isn't it? Some of us have deliberately limited our use of fossil fuels but it just seems futile. Have you noticed any decrease in people using mega SUVs as grocery and kid chasers? Not in my neck of the woods. It looks like a Lincoln Navigator dealership in front of the local elementary school at 3 o'clock. People are still oblivious aren't they? And who is going to complain about sun bathing in November in the northeast?

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