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Wednesday, November 15

Are You Middle Aged and Happy?

You're perfectly normal if you're a woman and you're not happy.
Or as my mother-in-law, a woman with a wry New England sense of humor would say, "What's happy?"

Middle-aged women are less likely to be happy
By Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY

Women from the mid-30s to mid-50s are less likely than Americans overall to be very happy, and many are racked by worries about aging parents and other family members, a national survey reports Monday.

Money, time and health concerns loomed large in the poll by independent pollsters Pursuant Inc. of more than 1,100 women who have at least one living parent. About 20% said they were very happy, compared with 34% for the U.S. population overall in another survey by the Pew Research Center this year. [continue reading here]

I was featured in an article by Family Circle Magazine in 2000 regarding a Family Circle/Kaiser Foundation poll on the "sandwich generation": Boomers who get to spend their middle age taking care of their parents AND their own familys/kids AND trying to work AND trying to stay sane. I posted the article over here at blondesense annex. (My mom suddenly died in her sleep about 6 months after this article was written. And no, I didn't show it to her.)

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