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Saturday, November 18

All Hail You Tube! They Shall Set Us Free

I know I posted something similar to this a few weeks ago concerning citizen journalists (hey, SOMEONE has to be a journalist and the professionals sure as hell aren't doing the job) and You Tube. Just to prove my point may I direct your attention to

Police TRAMPLING picketing janitors with horses, the LAPD beating a man, there are 390 results for police violence and over 600 for police brutaliy. What does this say about our country and the way laws are being enforced?

At one point in time it was the victim's word against the blue brotherhood (and granted there are some cases where force IS needed, but not many), but now a citizen journalist can record and upload the evidence within minutes. Nothing to confiscate, no way to stop it, it is viral and it WILL take on a life of its own. This is something that I hope will help our society, perhaps make certain authority figures think over some of their more outrageous actions.

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