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Tuesday, October 31

The War On Transfats

This is a war I can get into (and the one against pork spending by our legislators).

I've often wondered when I would pass by schools why the kids are so chubby these days. When I was in school, there were maybe one or two fat kids in the whole school. Now the fat kids reign. It saddens me to see youngsters weighed down with blubber. It's hard to run around when your own thighs get in the way.

You want to blame the parents, but I know so many parents of normal weight who have chubby kids and they are beside themselves because their kids have all sorts of afflictions that usually don't happen to a person until they are adults. I thought maybe it was the switch to high fructose corn syrup that made people fatter because we ate an awful lot of candy when we were kids but candy had real sugar in it back in the day. It appears that it's transfats to blame.

It's really hard to figure out from the food labels what's in the food we eat. My son only eats prepared foods, but he educated himself on how to read the labels and shops at stores which carry foods that use real sugar and canola oil rather than the bad stuff. He's kind of a pain to shop with, but I appreciate his concern. It's much better to stick to non-processed foods, but if you eat out a lot or do take out a lot, you don't know what the hell you're getting.

NYC is contemplating a ban on transfats in all restaurants. It's a bit severe and big brotherish, but you know what? Everyone eats out in NY City. I don't know what the cholesterol numbers are, but I know mine. oy. On the other hand, you rarely see a fat NYer in Manhattan (everyone walks a lot). Here on Long Island where you need to drive to get somewhere, we are chubbier. KFC is phasing out transfats. All the fast food joints ought to do the same- that's where the kids go after school.

Let's also figure out why the bushistas are buying up mega acres of land over the aquifiers in Paraguay and if we should put our investments in Euros.

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