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Wednesday, October 25

Vote Out the Piss and Spend, Lie and Die, Republicans

So that we send a clear message to the terrorists that they have won. Not.

If Pennsylvanians don't vote for Santorum, there's a "good chance" terrorists will start taking over countries and posing a Nazi-like risk to the world. Har har. I love the smell of desperate fascism in the morning. If they do vote for him, then the US will take over the world instead.

Fox's John Gibson warns brain dead audience that if Democrats win, then the insurgents win. Har har.

Just in time for the elections, a terrorist who was killed back in April makes the news.

Two retired senior Army generals, who served in Iraq and previously voted Republican, are now openly endorsing a Democratic takeover of Congress. "Democratic control of Congress could be the best way to wrest control from the Bush administration and steer the United States away from a gravely flawed strategy in Iraq." Who are you gonna trust? I go with the generals. They know war.

"New York state is in a death spiral," state legislature candidate Tim Julian, a Republican, said at a recent political forum in Rome, N.Y. Looks like NY will deliver more blue congresscritters to DC (like we're supposed to do anyway).

Dick Cheney warns Fox viewers that Hillary could take the WH.

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