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Monday, October 23

Updates on the hot topics

• Border Security
Mexican drug lords can easily bribe US officials at the border from a DMV clerk all the way up to a high level FBI supervisor. Two hundred public employees have been charged with moving narcotics or illegal immigrants over the border since 2004 and thousands more are currently under investigation. Some say that with more border security there will be more corruption. Eye opening article in the LA Times: RISE IN BRIBERY TESTS INTEGRITY OF U.S. BORDER

Why are some people enthusiastically pro-torture? Some factors may be: an intense fear of terrorism, a general disregard for human rights especially if you are pro-death penalty, ignorance matters if you don't understand what security experts know- that torture is many times counterproductive. People who believe torture is useful will not be swayed by moral or legal arguments according to this article in the Economist: Saying no to torture Why some are willing to see it used

The War on Iraq
If you thought that Iraqi's were preparing to take over their country, think again. George Bush ought to see that his optimistic plan isn't exactly working. Watch this short film about the tensions between the US Army and their Iraqi counterparts by Sean Smith, the Guardian's photographer who was embedded with the 101st Division of the US Army in Iraq. Remember that the Iraqi's are supposed to stand up so we can stand down. Not so fast. Things are so bad, that some insurgents are officers and soldiers in the Iraqi army. See also a photographic essay on the war by Sean Smith from 2003 to the present. If you can't view the movie, there's a review in Editor and Publisher. The husband has been IMing with his friend who is on his second tour of duty in Iraq. According to him, they see action each and every day. It's not getting any better and the Iraqi army isn't exactly doing anything.

Fixed Elections
Sure, the American people are fed up with this useless congress, but don't count your chickens before Diebold does and don't pop the corks just yet. Take a look at today and you'll get a pretty grim picture of just how desperate the fascists are to keep control. It starts with something awful: Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections from ABC news.

I never thought I'd live to see a such a direct threat to our democracy by our very own government. (I was born immediately after the McCarthy hearings.) If we do take the neocons out of congress, I'll be very surprised but also extremely elated. Are you getting your hopes up? I'm not.

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