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Saturday, October 28

Uh, We Actually Do Give More of a Shit About the Troops Than the Wingers

Breaking News: Top U.S. Military Officer Recommends ‘We Remove All Troops From Baghdad’ Read about it. It appears that the US troops being in Baghdad is making things worse. duh.

My friend has just been transfered to Baghdad from Ramadi and we've just been sick about it. He's never seen his baby.

Original post:

This is a very good website: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (
Despite trolls telling us here that we are with the terrorists, we all know that we are actually the ones who give a shit about the troops, so I urge you to read a lot of the stories at the IAVA.

A very interesting segment of the website is the section where the IAVA rates the congress in their support of troops and veterans. While studying who voted how in NY State, I discovered that our Democrats got high marks while our Republicans got low marks. My congresswoman, Carolyn McCarthy got an A. Pete King, in the next district over, the big mouth for the Bush administration only got a C+ as far as the veterans are concerned.

Here is the full ratings list.
Here's the link to the maps where you click on your state and get detailed information about the party and the voting record of particular critters.
After you get there, you can click on your district. If you live in a huge state with dozens of congress critters, you may want to click on the link for the full delegation in the box next to your state map, then you can click on each individual member and see how your state fares with regard to political parties.
This is what the ratings mean.
Now if your critter got a bad rating or a good rating or you want to tsk tsk another critter who blasts democrats for not supporting the troops, here is where you can easily take action and write letters; Legislative Action Center.

Meanwhile Senator McCain thinks we ought to escalate and send 20,000 more troops to Iraq. From where, I don't know. I guess he just wants the US to send back the guys who just came home. He gets his balls from thinking he is going to run for president in '08. He may not be aware that the majority of Americans have had enough of the war and want out of there.


If you haven't been keeping up with your hypocritical gay scandals in the news, and I know it's hard to do that with the country going down the tubes, here is a google video from CW (I don't have that channel) that actually does a pretty good job of explaining the Charlie Crist is gay and running for Florida governor story (now you don't have to spend a lot of time reading all the articles). None of it is confirmed, but the rumors are flying.

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