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Friday, October 20

To hell with the fear mongers.

I read that the GOP is going to air more ads warning us that the terrorists are going to attack us again if we vote for Democrats. I suppose the ads aren't meant for those who can think critically because it makes no sense whatsoever to vote for those who have made terrorism more of a danger to the citizens of the world than it was 5 years ago. How can Americans trust the party that is supposedly best able to fight terrorism while at the same time, they threaten us with more? If the New Yorkers aren't buying it, why praytell is anyone else buying it?

And are the ports secure yet? Have you ever met a TSA employee in an east or west coast airport that could speak or understand English, let alone give a shit about anything other than making you late for your flight? Oh yes, you can fly with your pocket knife on your keychain out of JFK and LAX, just make sure that you leave your handcream home and take your shoes off as you go through security.

As a New Yorker and someone whose community was hit rather hard by the 9/11 attacks, I'd rather live freely and without fear while I am alive and take my chances regarding another attack. Those scaredy cats who live in rural America gladly giving up their liberty for freedom (as if the terrorists even know they exist), can kiss my ass. I live in more fear of the fascist takeover than I do of a terror attack. I don't believe that an electrified fence at the Mexican border will keep me safe either.

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