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Thursday, October 12

A time comes when silence is betrayal. -MLK

You must also read
Breaking the Silence of the Night
By Ron Kovic (You remember him, "Born on the 4th of July.")
Posted on Oct 10, 2006

It all begins somewhere, the questioning, the doubting, the feeling that something’s not right; like that day the captain set fire to the Vietnamese woman’s hooch, or the night we shot those women and children by mistake. It’s all got to start somewhere. For them it might have been the innocent civilians killed that day at the checkpoint just north of Baghdad or the dead children lying in the road in Kirkuk, or that night in Nasiriyah when they kicked in the front door of that house, screaming and cursing at the children as they threw their father to the floor, tying his hands behind his back and putting a hood over his head, but you remain silent, you say nothing. You’ve been taught to follow orders, to obey and not question, to go along with the program and do exactly what you’re told. You learned that in boot camp...
Read on.
I'll say something in the comments later on. It was such a moving essay, I need to absorb it.

Hat tip to Patriot for suggesting this

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