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Thursday, October 26

They Want Us TO STFU. Well I never.

Ronald Dumsfeld told war critics to "back off" today. He claimed that it was "complicated stuff." He also said, "No one can predict the future with absolute certainty." He is absolutely wrong. I predicted this clusterfuck of his in 2003, thank you very much.

According to Think Progress: In an interview with North Dakota radio host Scott Hennen, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said that “it would be logical” that terrorist groups are ramping up violence in Iraq and elsewhere to give liberals a boost in November’s election.

Meanwhile Senator "Man On Dog", "Sanctity of Marriage is the most important issue facing Americans today" is on "the Gathering Storm" tour across PA warning voters that Casey cannot fight against the Islamic fascists and of course, the Venezuelan's who are supposedly gearing up to fight us.... then he went on about the need for a free Iran, which I think means we have to bomb the shit out of them. I dunno. You read the speech.

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